Kenwood TS 520 80-10M HF SSB/CW Base Ham Amateur Radio Transceiver 100W Working!

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 by wsick posted on Jul 03, 2020 02:14

kenwood ts 520 80 10m hf ssb cw base ham amateur radio transceiver 100w working
Pictured here at auction is a working Kenwood TS-520, 80-10 meter SSB and CW, transceiver for the regular (non-WARC) amateur/ham bands. This rig has a pair of S2001A (6146B) finals that easily generate up to 100 watts out to a 50-ohm dummy load. I made a few phone contacts with it on 80 (our Iowa traffic net) and 20 meters (to California) and received very good reports. Audio on receive is good too. It does have the optional CW filter. I tested it on all bands both in receive and tune. The pilot lamps over the s-meter and dial are new and bright. The power cord is new. The VFO shorting plug is original. Cosmetically, the bezel shows typical minor scratches. The carrying handle is original and sturdy. There is no microphone nor manual included. Manuals can be...
Onsale for € 88.95 and shipping from Lorimor, more on eBay...

 by egonvk55 posted on May 27, 2020 20:44

kenwood ts 520 amateur radio hf ssb transceiver 100w japan 1970 s
Selling my Kenwood TS-520 HF CW/SSB amateur radio transceiver with power cable and copy of manual. Frequency range: 10 - 80m radio amateur bands (pre-WARC) Operating mode: SSB/CW (filter) Power Output: 100W with ( 2 X 6146 valves) Worldwide shipping is optional, please contact me for shipping charges. Transceiver will be well packed and shipped insured. The TS-520 has been used by me and tested recently. But, due to age of this kind of vintage equipment no guarantees, returns or refunds. Should any problem occur, then I'll be happy to help out and offer you all services required! Best 73's de Egon, PA3AAT...
Onsale for € 425.00 and shipping from more on eBay...

 by joeee7238 posted on Jun 30, 2020 00:00

kenwood ts 450sat high frequency transceiver
KENWOOD TS-450SAT HIGH FREQUENCY TRANSCEIVER (Yes, this is the same unit advertised last week. We quote the winning bidder: "Yo I was just playing, I don't have any money and I just lost my job" NO KIDDING!) TOTALLY CLEAN...WE SEE NO MARKS OF ANY KIND. RECEIVES PERFECTLY AND FULL POWER OUT INTO OUR DUMMY LOAD. REALLY MINT CLEAN RIG THAT IS NOT MONSTROUS IN SIZE YET DOES IT ALL AND BEING AN "SAT" IT HAS THE AUTO-TUNER. YOU GET: KENWOOD TS-450SAT TRANSCEIVER. ORIGINAL 12 VDC POWER CORD. ORIGINAL HAND MICROPHONE. MORE ABOUT IT: Features 160-10 meters AF Notch CW Reverse 100 Memories Dual Mode NB XIT/RIT IF Shift Keypad Entry All Mode Squelch RF Speech Processor The Kenwood TS-450S is a formidable transceiver covering 160 through 10 meters including the WARC ban...
Onsale for € 362.02 and shipping from Glen Cove, New more on eBay...

 by bdai1325 posted on Jun 27, 2020 19:18

kenwood ts 450s hf transceiver w built in antenna tuner
This auction is for a Kenwood TS-450S HF Transceiver with built in Antenna Tuner, original Kenwood hand mic, and D.C. power cord. Wonderful, classic radio with channel memories, dual VFO, split operation, selectable filter widths, and many other features! The MFJ antenna tuner in the pictures IS NOT part of the auction. It is only shown to demonstrate transmit power output of the TS-450S. This radio is beautiful. The front panel looks practically new, no scratches on the frequency/mode display lens. Knobs are turn smoothly and are clean. Main VFO knob is silky smooth and the friction adjuster works fine. I used this radio for multiple contacts on 20M and 40M and received good signal and audio reports with the included microphone. All functions appear operate...
Onsale for € 445.63 and shipping from Cincinnati, more on eBay...

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